31 Palestinians Killed, Dozens Injured on 23rd Day of Israeli Bombardment on Gaza

Bombe over Gaza

GAZA, July 29, 2014 – (WAFA) – As the Israeli military aggression against Gaza Strip entered its twenty third day, 31 Palestinians, including 15 children and women, were killed early Tuesday, bringing the death toll to 1,116 and about 6,500 injuries.

A journalist and his daughter were killed Tuesday in Israeli bombardment on northern Rafah in southern Gaza Strip. The fatalities were identified as Baha’ Ad-Din al-Gharib and his daughter Ola.

Earlier, Israeli warplanes pounded a three-storey home belonging to Abu Zeid family at Al-Jneini neighborhood in Rafah city, claiming the lives of eight Palestinians from Abu Zeid family and injuring 30 others, including 13 critical injuries. The fatalities were identified as Maryam, Filistin, Widad, Sham‘a, Ahlam, Abdullah (an elderly), Ahmad and Bisan.

The airstrike caused extensive property damage to the house as well as nearby houses. Palestinian rescue teams are searching for missing persons under the rubble.

Another airstrike targeted earlier a home in Al-Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, claiming the life of a Palestinian and injuring 15 others. The fatality was identified as Ahmad Mou’nes.

Israeli bombardment targeted a home inhibited by residents in Al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, claiming the lives of eight Palestinians, mostly children and women, and injuring others, including serious injuries. Palestinian rescue teams are searching for missing persons believed to be buried under the rubble.

Israeli warplanes targeted early Tuesday a home in Rafah city, claiming the lives of four members of Dheir family, including a child and an elderly, and injuring seven others, including a critical injury.

Two other Israeli airstrikes targeted early Tuesday two homes in Gaza city and in central Gaza Strip, claiming the lives of three Palestinians, including an elderly, while injuring seven others. The elderly fatality was identified as Suhayla al-Ja‘l, 70.

Israeli artillery bombardment also targeted Khan Younes, killing Siham Al-Najjar, 42, and injuring seven Palestinians.

Israeli warplanes also pounded early Tuesday a home belonging to Al-Far family in Al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, killing four members of Al-Far family, including an unidentified child. The other three fatalities were identified as Ramzi Hussein Al-Far, Salem Mohammad Al-Far and Issa Kamel Al-Far.

Israeli artillery shelling also targeted Al-Bureij refugee camp, injuring ten Palestinians as well as targeted the University College premises in Tal Al-Hawa,.

Earlier, Israeli warplanes Monday night and Tuesday pre-dawn pounded homes, a paper factory and a mosque in Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, Tal al-Hawa as well as Al-Nusseirat and Al-Bureij refugee camps.

Israeli warplanes also fired early Tuesday two missiles on a home belonging to Hamas high-ranking official Isma‘il Haniya in Al-Shati refugee camp to the west of Gaza city, causing extensive property damage and damages to nearby houses.


Source: WAFA