Abbas Expresses Concern over Netanyahu’s No Palestinian State Statement

RAMALLAH, March 19, 2015 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas Thursday, once again, reiterated that the Palestinian Authority will not interfere in Israel’s internal affairs and expressed concern over the Israeli notion of ending the two-state solution.

Abbas said at the outset of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization meeting in the presidential headquarters in Ramallah Thursday afternoon, that while the Israeli elections ended yesterday, “we were watching it and of course we did not see any results.”

He added, “We affirmed and reiterated that we do not interfere in Israel’s internal affairs, but we have the right to know about the Arabs; what they are doing, what they can do, how are they fulfilling their duties, and how they are gaining their rights as citizens. With this understanding we followed the elections.”

Abbas noted, what we heard yesterday is very worrying; I am not saying it is new, but when [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu said that there is no longer a two-state solution, and that he does not want a Palestinian state to be established, in addition to [Foreign Minister Avigdor] Lieberman saying that all Arabs in Israel need to be killed, these remarks are racist.”

He added that if this is true, then it means that the Israeli government is not serious in reaching a political solution that leads to the establishment of two states on the basis of international legitimacy and resolving all outstanding issues.

Abbas also condemned the terror attack which took place in Tunisia’s Bardo Museum that he described as painful. The attack led to the killing of a number of tourists and Tunisian citizens. “We condemn this attack and stand with Tunisia’s president, government and people.”