Abbas Expresses Solidarity with France in Face of Friday Terror Attacks

RAMALLAH, November 14, 2015 (WAFA) – The Palestinian presidency offered its solidarity and sympathy with the French government, following the string of ‘terrorist attacks’ that hit Paris late Friday.

According to media outlets, terror attacks targeted different locations in Paris, leaving at least 150 killed, and scores others injured. Following the attacks, the French government declared a state of emergency and closed its borders.

The Palestinian presidency reported on President Mahmoud Abbas as condemning what he described as ‘terror attacks, affirming his full support for France in face of terrorism and stressing the need for the international community to take a stand and confront such terrorist attacks that lead to a spike in tension.

Abbas offered his condolences to his French counterpart, François Hollande, and to the families of the victims of the terror attacks, wishing the sick a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, Fatah faction, also expressed its strong condemnation of the ‘heinous terror attacks that took place in Paris last night killing and wounding dozens of innocent people.’

“Our people are deeply shocked and angered, but mostly saddened by these events aimed at hitting civil life in the wonderful city of Paris. We express sympathy and solidarity with France as a whole as well as to the victims’ families.”

A statement issued by Fatah read: “As  people who suffer daily aggressions by Israel we understand the suffering of the injured and the families of those who were killed in cold blood. Palestinians know the bitter taste of losing beloved ones as the Israeli army is killing civilians in Palestine almost by the hour.”

“We know that restoring peace and stability in the Middle East is the first step to dry up the sources of terrorism throughout the world,” said the statement, stressing that, “It is time to end the brutal Israeli occupation which breeds violence in the entire world.”