Abbas: ‘Nation-State’ for Jewish People an Obstacle to Peace,

RAMALLAH, November 25, 2014 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas said on Tuesday that the Israel government’s adoption of a nation-state solution constitutes an obstacle to peace; one that is even outright rejected by multiple quarters in the Israeli government and the parliament, Knesset, as well as by the Israeli people in general.

He ascertained that many Israelis are eager to advance peace with the Palestinians, expressing hope that a sovereign Palestinian state could soon be established side by side with Israel in peace and security.

Abbas’ statements came during an over-the-phone speech delivered to the longest radio interview launched by the Palestinian local radio station Raya FM. The interview, which started on Monday, is scheduled to last for 50 consecutive hours in an aim to deliver a message to the whole world that Palestinians have the right to achieve their legitimate right of sovereign independent state and their right to self determination.

“We do not want to harm anyone … Still, we do not want anyone to harm our people and our holy sites, the Islamic, Christian, and Jewish ones,” remarked Abbas, adding, “For us, all of them are sacred and therefore, we will not allow anyone to harm them.”

He said that due to the Israeli ‘intransigence’ towards going ahead with peace negotiations the Palestinian leadership is determined to head to the United Nations in a bid for statehood, an end to the occupation and settlement construction.

Abbas expressed his hope that the State of Palestine could be awarded full membership in the international organization, especially at a time it has been widely recognized by sev