Abbas to Submit Case of 13-Year-Old Boy Filmed during Investigation to ICC

RIYADH, November 11, 2015 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday evening decided to refer the case of 13-year-old Palestinian detainee Ahmad Manasra to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Abbas instructed the Foreign Ministry to prepare a file on the case of Manasra and submit it to the ICC, a move that came after leaked video footage showed Manasra being verbally abused as Israeli interrogators obtained confessions from the minor.

These instructions came two days after a 10-minute video footage showing an Israeli interrogator  shouting at the top of his lungs at Manasra, who allegedly took part in a stabbing attempt against Israelis in Jerusalem last October, was leaked to the web.

Manasra was detained on October 12 after allegedly taking part in a stabbing attack with his cousin, Hassan, 15, targeting two settlers near the Jewish settlement of Pisgat Zeev in East Jerusalem.

Video footage showed the interrogation process of Manasra as Israeli detectives yelled curses and verbally abused him while questioning the boy about the incident and his motives.

In the video footage, an interrogator repeatedly shouts at Manasra in Arabic to “shut up”, while Manasra continuously pleads for the officer to believe that he cannot remember anything about the incident while bursting into tears.


Manasra then appears crying and agreeing to confess to the accusations brought against him, stating that he is willing to confess to the detectives’ claims just because he saw himself in the video footage although he continues to insist that he has no memory of the day, asking that he be brought to a doctor.


Commenting on the video footage, Presidential Spokesperson Nabil Abu Rudeineh stated that the painful scenes demonstrate the barbarity of Israeli detectives and their grave violations of international law, including human rights law and particularly the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Abu Rudeineh affirmed that the international community and human rights organization have to assume their responsibility in terms of defending international law and holding Israeli detectives and those who issued instruction for them accountable for this crime.


During the alleged stabbing attempt, Ahmad’s cousin, Hassan was shot dead at the scene by Israeli police while Ahmad was run over by an Israeli car and seriously wounded.


A video that went viral on social media in October featured Ahmad lying on the ground bleeding as a crowd of Israeli settler onlookers surrounded him, shouting at him in a mix of Arabic and Hebrew “Die, you fucker, die you son of a whore, die you son of a bitch” and asking a police officer to “Do him a favor and shoot him in the head”.