Abu Rudineh: Israeli New Housing Units a Blow to Obama

RAMALLAH, February 11, 2013 (WAFA) – Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudineh, in a statement Monday, said the Israeli decision to build 90 housing units in the West Bank settlement of Beit El aims to obstruct efforts by the U.S. administration to revive the peace process.

U.S. president Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the region next month.

“This Israeli policy aims to put obstacles in the way of any potential political movement in the region and is a disregard to the decision of the international community embodied through the recognition of the state of Palestine in the General Assembly on November 29,” said Abu Rudineh.

He said that the Israeli current and upcoming governments must change their policies toward the peace process and considered settlement activities the main obstacle before resuming negotiations and returning to a serious peace process.

He stressed that the Palestinian position is clear and firm; there will be no negotiations as long as the illegal settlement activities continue, stressing the need to end them.

Source: WAFA News