Arab League Condemns Israeli Airstrikes against Gaza

CAIRO, May 27, 2015 (WAFA) – The League of the Arab States Wednesday condemned the dawn Israeli airstrikes launched against the Gaza Strip, stressing that Israel attempts to create excuses to wage yet another attack against the strip in order to divert attention from international efforts exerted toward the resumption of negotiation.

Israeli jet fighters in the early dawn hours launched a series of airstrikes across the Gaza Strip, hours after Israeli media said that a rocket fired from Gaza landed in southern Israel.  There was no immediate claim of responsibility in Gaza for the rocket launching.

WAFA correspondent said Israeli F16 fighters launched a number of airstrikes on multiple locations, causing damages to properties and spreading fear among local residents, especially children.

In a press statement, Deputy Secretary- General of the Arab League Ambassador Ahmed Ben Helli, said that, the international community could now see that Israel is the main obstacle before the resumption of negotiations.

He added that Israel tries to foil any initiatives by attacking Gaza, stressing that Israel tries to evade its responsibilities under international legitimacy and in line with international community’s demands.

He called on the international Security Council to take a serious move to put the Palestinian file on its agenda and to figure out a mechanism to insure the implementation of its resolutions.

Last year, Israel launched a relentless war on Gaza which claimed the lives of about 2,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and left more than 10,000 injured. Hundreds of thousands others are currently displaced and live in makeshift caravans or in UNRWA-run schools.

Gaza still suffers from the repercussions of the Israeli aggression which took place in the summer of 2014; the infrastructure along with thousands of homes were completely destroyed, displacing thousands of families who up until the moment live in caravans on the rubble of their homes.


The International development charity Oxfam, in an emailed December situation update said that three months since the ceasefire that ended Israel’s devastating summer assault, “and nearly two months since the international community pledged $5.4 billion in aid, reconstruction in Gaza has barely begun and the Israeli blockade remains firmly in place.”

A joint statement from some 30 international aid agencies said that, “Six months after a ceasefire ended over seven weeks of fighting the Israeli-imposed blockade continues, the political process, along with the economy, are paralyzed, and living conditions have worsened.”

The UN news center reported on the agencies as stating that “the international community is not providing Gaza with adequate assistance. “Little of the $5.4 billion pledged in Cairo has reached Gaza. Cash assistance to families who lost everything has been suspended and other crucial aid is unavailable due to lack of funds.”