British Judicial Delegation Concludes Palestine Tour

RAMALLAH, September 24, 2013 (WAFA) – A British judicial delegation concluded a four-day tour of Palestine and meetings with members of the Palestinian judiciary, including the chief justice, the minister of justice and the attorney general, a press release said Tuesday.

They also met with a number of judges from the High Judicial Council (HJC), the chairman of the Palestinian Bar Association, practicing lawyers, a law school professor, and with members of the international community.

EUPOL COPPS facilitated a scoping visit, funded by the UK Consulate General in Jerusalem, on the justice sector and the judiciary for representatives of the Slynn Foundation headed by Sir Henry Brooke and Sir David Latham, and for the Director of the Bingham Center for the Rule of Law, Professor Sir Jeffrey Jowell.

The Slynn Foundation provides support, advice and training on judicial matters in developing countries, including in the Arab world. The Bingham Center for the Rule of Law has the overall objective of promoting and enhancing the development of the rule of law worldwide and has provided advice in a number of developing countries.

During the course of the four-day scoping visit last week, EUPOL COPPS head of mission Kenneth Deane first met the British delegation and briefed them about the mission’s activities with its Palestinian counterparts in the justice sector.

At a reception held in honor of the visit and hosted by the Palestinian Chief Justice, the President of the Slynn Foundation, Sir Henry Brooke, remarked on the quality of the discussions and debate which he had encountered in the course of his meetings with the Palestinian judiciary and actors in the justice sector.

The UK Consul General in Jerusalem, Sir Vincent Fean, who also attended the reception held at the HJC said of the visit: “The British Consulate General is honored to fund this first visit to Ramallah by distinguished British judges and law professors and, working together with EUPOL COPPS, we will use this visit for future cooperation.”

source:WAFA NEWS