Cabinet Calls for Immediate Activation of Safety Net

RAMALLAH, December 18, 2012 (WAFA) – The Palestinian Cabinet, during its weekly meeting on Tuesday in Ramallah, called for immediate activation of Arab safety net and for an increase in the approved funding. Hereby is the full statement:


Cabinet decides to remain in permanent session, calls for immediate activation of safety net and increasing the approved funding

During its weekly meeting in Ramallah chaired by Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, the Cabinet reaffirmed their call on citizens to boycott Israeli products as a natural and legitimate response to Israel’s withholding of Palestinian money, which is a form of aggression against the livelihood of our people and their right to life. The Cabinet also warned of the dangers that this aggression pose to the National Authority’s role and its capability to perform its duties and responsibilities towards our people, including their ability to stay steadfast on their land.

The Cabinet also announced that it will remain in permanent session to develop ways and measures to confront this aggression and its serious consequences, which exacerbated in an unprecedented manner the financial crisis facing the National Authority.

To that end, the Cabinet stressed the need to immediately implement the decisions of Arab summits to provide the National Authority with  a safety net, and transfer the needed funds in order to enable the National Authority to meet our people’s needs and support their ability to stay steadfast. The Cabinet also stressed the need to immediately convene an emergency Arab Summit to confront the consequences of the Israeli aggression on the National Authority’s capabilities and the attempt to undermine its role and standing as well as destabilize our national political system. This situation requires urgent and quick action to rescue the National Authority from its financial crisis and prevent its collapse as well as enabling the National Authority to fulfill its obligations so as to enhance the steadfastness of our people. The Cabinet expressed its hope that promised Arab safety net would expand to 240 million USD a month as long as Israel continues its acts of piracy against Palestinian funds and promised and/or scheduled aid is delayed by donor countries, who committed assistance to the National Authority’s budget.

The Cabinet expressed its gratitude to the civil servants for their understanding of the financial situation resulting from the Israeli piracy of Palestinian fund, which further exacerbated the crisis confronting the National Authority. The Cabinet also reaffirmed its understanding of the difficult circumstances resulting from this crisis and expressed its hope in the continuation of provision of basic services to the citizens, especially in the education and health sectors.

The Cabinet further warned of a campaign of incitement carried out by the Israeli government against members of the Palestinian security institution as well as the provocations by the occupation army, especially the raids on Palestinian cities and towns. Additionally, the Cabinet warned of the new instructions for the occupation forces that lifted restrictions on opening fire at unarmed Palestinian citizens, which coincided with the killing of a young man, Mohammad Salaymeh, in Hebron. The Cabinet also condemned the assault by Israeli occupation soldiers on several journalists in Hebron, who were present at the scene of the crime.

In the same context, the Cabinet condemned the continuing violations of the occupation military and its settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as well as the detention of dozens of citizens in the Northern Governorates in addition to shooting and wounding a number of citizens near the border fence in the Gaza Strip. Moreover, the Cabinet condemned the expulsion notices handed to dozens of families in the Jordan Valley area under the pretext of military training in the area. It also equally condemned the continuing settler attacks, including firing on and wounding a photojournalist , raiding Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus under the protection of the occupation forces, burning a citizen’s vehicle north of Ramallah, uprooting 200 olive trees south of Bethlehem and attacking citizens in downtown Hebron and south of Nablus.

The Cabinet welcomed the initiative of Iraq to support the Arab Fund for the support and rehabilitation of Palestinian and Arab Prisoners, which was established by the Prisoners Conference, with 2 million USD. The Cabinet also called on the international community to assume its responsibilities towards the prisoners and compel Israel to implement the relevant international resolutions as well as bear the responsibility for the lives of prisoners on hunger strike, particularly Ayman Sharawneh and Samer Issawi.

The Cabinet condemned the continuing crimes of murder committed against Palestinian refugees in Syria, including most recently the bombardment of the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus by Syrian fighter jets, which killed and injured dozens of civilians. The Cabinet also demanded that the international community assume its responsibility in protecting Palestinian refugees and providing them with the necessary support. The Cabinet also called on all parties of the on-going conflict in Syria to keep Palestinian refugee camps out of the military conflict there.

The Minister of Local Governance briefed the Cabinet on the ministry’s efforts to prepare for the complementary local council elections. In this regard, the Cabinet calls on our people to ensure wide participation in those elections, which will contribute to strengthening popular participation in the development process of which these local councils are a key component, and to consolidate democratic life in Palestine.

The Cabinet endorsed the Convention on the Prevention of Double Taxation concluded with the Republic of Turkey; stressing the importance of this agreement in encouraging investment and trade as well as facilitating the movement of capital, which reinforces the close ties between the two countries and contributes to the development of the Palestinian economy.

The Cabinet also approved the Law on the Protection of Juveniles presented by the Ministry of Social Affairs, noting that the law achieves legislative harmony with the legislative policies pursued by the National Authority with regard to the protection of children and its goal of reaching a modern and balanced package of social laws that protect and nurture childhood.

Finally, the Cabinet approved Christmas holiday according to the western calendar on Tuesday, 25 December 2012, New Year’s holiday on Tuesday, 01 January 2013, and Christmas holiday according to the eastern calendar on Monday, 07 January 2013.

Source: WAFA News