emporary Work plan to be Prepared for Gaza’s Rafah Crossing

CAIRO, November 24, 2015 (WAFA) – Member of Fatah Central Committee Azzam al-Ahmad Tuesday said a temporary work plan for the Gaza Strip’s Rafah border crossing is going to finalized in the upcoming few days.

Al-Ahmad said during a meeting held in Fatah’s office in Cairo that the priority in crossing the border is going to be granted to students, patients, and individuals working abroad and carrying visas or residency permits from other countries.

The travel procedures through the crossing to the remaining Palestinians in Gaza will be coordinated with the Egyptian side and facilitated based on “Egypt’s considerations”.

Al-Ahmad said the recent unrest is the direct product of the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the occupied Palestinian Territory as a result to Israeli policies, which aim to give the city of Jerusalem a predominantly Jewish character.

‘Fatah is exerting all possible efforts to unite Palestinian and Arab efforts concerning the Palestinian cause and facing the Israeli occupation through providing all possible support to the Palestinian people.