Fayad: Occupation cannot be exempted from liability over death of prisoners Jaradat, true reasons behind martyrdom must be promptly exposed

RAMALLAH, February 24, 2013 – Press release from the Office of the Prime Minister, Government Media Center.

Prime Minister Salam Fayad expresses his deep sorrow and shock over the martyrdom of prisoner Arafat Jaradat in Israeli occupation prisons. Dr. Fayad conveys his condolences and sympathies, and those of the government, to the Jaradat family as well as the prisoners’ movement and our people in the homeland and Diaspora.

The Prime Minister affirms the need to promptly disclose the true reasons that lead to his martyrdom. Dr. Fayad considers that in any case, the occupation cannot be exempted of liability, especially since the death of Mr. Jaradat occurred in conditions of detention, and in occupation prisons inside Israel, which is itself a clear violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. The Prime Minister further affirms that these developments all necessitate that the international community assume its legal and moral responsibilities to compel Israel to abide by the rule of international law and respond immediately to the urgent need of resolving the issue of prisoners, especially the ill and those on hunger strike who should be released immediately in addition to the release of all other prisoners, especially the children, those under administrative detention and veteran prisoners in addition to Members of the Legislative Council.