Female Victim of Settler’s Assault in Jerusalem Undergoes Critical Surgery

RAMALLAH, October 8, 2015 (WAFA) – Palestinian young woman shot and injured by an Israeli settler, after he claimed she attempted to stab him despite having no evidence, underwent an artery transplant surgery in an Israeli hospital, said a Palestinian Prisoners’ Club attorney on Thursday.

Mufiad al-Hajj, an attorney representing Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, told WAFA Shorouq Dweiat, 18, who was shot and injured by an Israeli settler in Jerusalem, underwent an artery transplant surgery in the shoulder in Jerusalem’s Hadash Ein Karem hospital and remains unconscious until the moment.

Al-Hajj added Shorouq is currently connected to a ventilator to assist her breathing due to critical bullet wounds in the upper part of her body.

Witnessed ascertained that the 18-year-old woman did not have a knife or any other weapon on her nor did she attempt to stab the settler. They said after being shot, Shourouq helplessly pleaded that she didn’t attempt to stab anyone and that he attacked her instead.

According to eyewitnesses who were present when the event took place, the settler attempted to remove Shorouq’s headscarf, known as Hijab, and shoved her, and when she tried to defend herself by shoving him back, he pulled out a gun and shot her with four bullets in her upper body.

PPC attorney explained the settler deliberately and directly opened fire on Shorouq, injuring her in the shoulder, resulting in a rupture in one of their main arteries.

Shorouq was rushed to the hospital two hours after she was shot and injured. Her health condition was described as serious when she was moved to the hospital after being left for a long time to bleed in the street.