Foreign Minister Calls to Put a Stop to Israeli Aggression

RAMALLAH, June 23, 2014 (WAFA) – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Riyad al-Malki, called Monday upon the international community to stop the recent Israeli aggression, following alleged disappearance of three Israeli settlers, and provide protection to the Palestinian people.

During a press conference with members of the diplomatic corps in Palestine, al-Maliki said that the ongoing Israeli military operation is not merely aimed at locating the missing settlers, but one which targets the annihilation of the infrastructure of the Palestinian state, as well as to “enfeeble the leadership” and obstruct the work of the national consensus government.

Al-Maliki briefed the diplomats on the latest developments, including predawn Israeli raids on Palestinian universities, offices of several media outlets and charity organizations, in addition to the demolition of homes, terrorizing residents, and the arrest of hundreds of Palestinians.

He warned of Israeli attempts to create a rift between the Palestinian people and their leadership, referring to latest statements made by leaders of the Israeli military to support his supposition.

Source: WAFA