Foreign Minister Expresses Disbelief over International Silence to Ongoing Israeli Aggression and Crimes

RAMALLAH, June, 21 2014 (WAFA) – Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad al-Maliki, in a statement Saturday, expressed disbelief over the international silence to the ongoing Israeli aggression and crimes against the Palestinian people’s lives and against their existence on their own land.

He stressed that the Israeli killing, injury and detention of Palestinians and the incursions, destruction and siege committed by Israeli forces amount to war crimes that must not only be condemned but that predators must be held accountable for violating international law.

he said that Israel uses the disappearance of the three settlers, who went missing while present in an area that falls under the complete control of Israel,  as a pretext to commit these crimes against the Palestinian people, which he said, reveals the ugly face of the occupation’s politicians and military.

He stressed that Israel does not need a pretext to commit its crimes continued since 1967 against the Palestinian human being,but the severity and brutality of the current Israeli crimes call for an immediate intervention to stop such crimes as soon as possible.

he said that some Israeli military sources reported that these measures and crimes against Palestinians will continue for a long period of time regardless of any developments in the issue of the kidnapped three settlers, and that these measures  were ready for implementation and merely waiting for a justification to be carried out.

Al-Malki held the international community fully responsible for its silence on Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, holding it responsible for the consequence of its silence  and for its impact on security and stability in the region.

He called upon the international community to at least move to protect the defenseless Palestinian people who are subjected to the worst forms of war crimes committed in the modern times under the eyes of international community.

He also called on the UN organizations and human rights institutions to promptly move and intervene, to raise their voice and  reject the irresponsible and unjustified international silence.

Source: WAFA