Foreign Ministry Calls ICC to Review Israeli Support of Settlements in West Bank

RAMALLAH, April 16, 2015 (WAFA) – As the International Criminal Court continues its preliminary investigation into the crimes committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip, Israeli official statements which support illegal settlement activities in the West Bank should be taken into the court’s account, urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday.

The Ministry condemned in a press statement the decision of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to support the illegal settlement activities by ordering against the eviction of the illegal outpost of ‘Mitzpe Kramim’, constructed on Palestinians’ land.

The illegal outpost is constructed on land that belongs to Palestinian families in the Ramallah governorate, who have filed a lawsuit against the settlers who illegally took over it.

The Israeli government, represented by Netanyahu has officially ordered against the eviction of the outpost, giving it a legal status, according to Israeli media sources.

Netanyahu ordered to abide by the decision of the High Court, which is in the process of ruling on a petition regarding the status of the town, to enable residents of ‘Miztpe Kramim’ to prove land ownership.

The Ministry affirmed that it continues to stand against all settlement activities in the West Bank saying that legalizing this outpost is against international law. It added that Israel is a state that cares for its settlers’ interests, which should be known by the international community.