Foreign Ministry Condemns Israel’s Confiscation of Thousands dunums of Palestinian Land

RAMALLAH, December 10, 2014 (WAFA) – Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned on Wednesday a recent decision by the Israeli Civil Administration to confiscate around 35,000 dunums of Palestinian land in the West Bank for settlement expansion purposes.

It further condemned the Israeli authorities’ order issued for the expropriation of 321 dunums of land belonging to Palestinians to the west of Ramallah.

The Ministry also condemned the decision of the Israeli parliament, Knesset, to allocate an amount of NIS 100 million (US$ 25,349,831.00) for the Knesset’s settlement department, aiming to expand more settlements in the West Bank.

It said Israel pays no respect to international condemnations, which the Ministry stressed should be replaced by concrete actions on the ground, stressing that a serious stand must be taken and not to settle for condemnation statements.

The ministry urged the international community and the United Nations o uphold their responsibility and intervene to compel Israel to stop all settlement activities and abide by international law.

“Time has come for Israel’s “insurgence” to be brought to an end and to stop all the racial, fascist practices against or people,” it said.

“The absence of the international community to stop and to abolish these actions means the only way left for Palestinians with regard to the settlement portfolio is through the International Criminal Court.”