Foreign ministry Condemns Israel’s Killing of Teenager Taj South of Nablus

RAMALLAH, August 16, 2015 (WAFA) – The Palestinian Foreign Ministry Sunday condemned the Israeli forces’ ‘assassination’ of a teenager near the village of Yatma to the south of Nablus late Saturday.

Israeli forces, late Saturday, shot and killed 16-year-old Rafik Kamel al-Taj at Huwwara’s main street to the south of Nablus.

The ministry, in a statement, said that a file on Israel’s policy of field execution committed against the Palestinian people is being prepared in preparation to take it to the international Criminal Court (ICC) in Hague.

It stressed that the field executions carried out by Israeli forces against Palestinians are part of the Israeli government and it’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy, which gives its soldiers the green light to pull the trigger and shoot Palestinians with cold blood, a policy, which the ministry noted, was confirmed in Israeli ‘Defense’ Minister Moshe Ya’alon’s statement, in which he called to kill anyone who attempts to attack Israeli soldiers.

The ministry stated that the Israeli government must exercise the ‘iron hand’ against the Jewish terrorism, which was corroborated by reports witnessed by the world, and not against Palestinians.

It affirmed the need for the international community to provide the necessary international protection for the Palestinian people, who are either burnt to death by settlers or killed in cold blood by Israeli forces’ fire.