Foreign Ministry Condemns Netanyahu’s ‘Incitement’ against Palestinians

RAMALLAH, December 8, 2014 (WAFA) – Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned on Monday recent remarks made by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in which he pinned the blame on the Palestinian Authority for stumbling peace talks.


Israeli media said Netanyahu slammed “Palestinian incitement” and said the Palestinians Authority was behind the failure of the peace process.


Netanyahu made his remarks in a recorded message to the Saban Forum, a high-profile annual meeting of U.S. and Israeli policymakers.


The Foreign Ministry considered these statements as misleading, holding the Israeli Government and its preconditions for peace responsible for the current impasse.


Last April, Netanyahu was due to ensure the release of a fourth batch of pre-Oslo Palestinian political prisoners, but later declined to release them. Netanyahu’s step was considered as an obstacle in the way to peace, leading the Palestinian delegation to cease the negotiations.


The ministry added that the Israeli continuing settlement activities, ongoing oppressive measures against the Palestinian people, as well as seizure of large tracts of land by the Israeli authorities for the benefit of settlement expansion were all behind the floundering peace and destruction of the two-state solution.


It called upon all countries not to be ‘misled’ by Netanyahu’s rhetoric and incitement aiming to evade his responsibility for the current roadblock standing in the way to peace.