General Strike in Jerusalem’s Issawiya in Protest of Severe Movement Restrictions

JERUSALEM, October 20, 2015 (WAFA)  – A general strike was proclaimed Tuesday in the Jerusalem neighborhood of al-‘Issawiya in protest of the latest Israeli arbitrary severe movement restrictions.

Schools and businesses were closed and public transportation was brought to a halt in a public outcry over the recent severe movement restrictions  that have already created significant problems for the Palestinian community.

Sunday night, Israeli security forces began installing a security fence that would divide the neighborhood of Issawiya, just northeast of Jerusalem, from the rest of the city.

Witnesses said Israeli forces unloaded large concrete blocks and barbed wires to separate Issawiya from the adjacent Sur Bahir neighborhood, as well as from the nearby settlement of Armon Hanatziv.

As a result of these tightened restrictions, a Palestinian woman from al-‘Issawiya died after midnight Monday while being held at a checkpoint at the entrance while on her way to hospital.

Huda Darwish died after Israeli police delayed her by about 20 minutes at a checkpoint, which was recently set up at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Hud’s son, Yousef, said when attempted to persuade the police of his mother’s serious health condition – she was suffering a difficulty in breathing – the police began firing in the air to express unwillingness to listen to him.

The police then asked Yousef and his mother to get out of the car to search it. Minutes later, Huda was pronounced dead before reaching the hospital.

Palestinians are only allowed access into and out of al-‘Issawiya on foot. They are stopped and searched in a provocative manner.