GUE/NGL Demands Respect for Neutral Status of Yarmouk Refugee Camp

BRUSSELS, April 16, 2015 (WAFA) – The European United Left/ Nordic Green Left group in the European Parliament Thursday criticized the ongoing violations against 16,000 Palestinians, including 3500 children, who remain trapped in Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp as armed clashes continue to take over area.

It said that the ongoing crisis has resulted in a serious deterioration of what was already a grave humanitarian situation in the camp, located just outside the Syrian capital Damascus.

The recent intensification of armed clashes follows a two-year siege during which most of the camp’s 180,000 residents fled the area.

At its group meeting in Brussels, GUE/NGL Members of the European Parliament called for the neutral status of Yarmouk to be respected and for all military groups to withdraw from the camp.

MEPs also called for the siege to be lifted to give UNRWA free and safe access to the camp and for much-needed humanitarian aid to get in. Those Palestinian refugees and Syrian citizens who wish to exit the camp must be guaranteed free and safe means to do so, the group demanded.

MEPs also expressed their gratitude to UNRWA and its brave staff who continue to offer their services in this difficult situation.

GUE/NGL reiterated its solidarity with the Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk and elsewhere in the world, and stressed that Palestinians cannot be made refugees for a second time.

The group restated its strong belief that Palestinians cannot live in safety unless the Palestinian conflict is solved justly, with an end to the Israeli occupation and the right to return to their land guaranteed.

GUE/NGL stands for the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left, who are a group of 52 Members from 19 different political delegations and 14 Member States.