Health Condition of Palestinian Detainees in Israeli Prison Severally Deteriorating

RAMALLAH, January 24, 2015 (WAFA) – Several Palestinian detainees in the Israeli prison of Nafha have been recently evacuated to Israeli hospitals after their health condition deteriorated due to deliberate medical negligence by the prison administration, said Detainees and ex-Detainees Affairs Committee.

According to the committee’s lawyer Rami al-‘Alami, prisoner Hamza al-Kaloti, 46, sentenced to six life imprisonments, has been suffering from severe exhaustion as a result of the Israeli Prison Service’s delay to allow him to undergo an urgent surgery in the abdomen.

Al-Kaloti suffers from severe pains caused by abdominal hernia.

The committee’s lawyer added that al-Kaloti has not been able to eat, drink nor sleep for the last nine days and has been suffering from severe arthritis. As a result of his health deterioration, al-Kaloti vomits pain-killers and is incapable of walking unless he is supported by others.

Another detainee, Wisam ‘Abbasi, sentenced to 26 life imprisonments and 40 years, was transferred last Wednesday to a hospital to undergo an operation in one of his eyes.

Additionally, Yusri al-Masri, a resident of Gaza who is sentenced for 20 years, suffers from a gland cancerous tumor. He has been subjected to the systematic medical negligence of the Israeli Prison Service, which kept on delaying providing him with the necessary medical examinations.

As a result of medical neglect, al-Masri has been suffering from eye problems, gastroenteritis and colonic tumor.

Another detainee, Muhammad As‘ad, a resident of Kuf Kanna who is sentenced to six years in imprisonment at Eshel prison, has been suffering from severe swelling in his right hand and leg, in addition to lymph gland problems.

Meanwhile, detainees in Majeddo prison have been suffering from unbearable conditions, reported the committee.

An affidavit by 33-year-old detainee ‘Abdulathim Abu Sara stated that Palestinian detainees in Majeddo are detained in closed dungeons, where they are subject to extreme psychological pressure and are totally deprived from their basic human rights, including family visits and medical treatment, reported Sherin Iraqi, another Detainees and ex-Detainees Affairs Committee’s lawyer.

Abu Sara was reported as adding that he was savagely assaulted, causing him to suffer serious wounds and bruises across his body. He filed a complaint against his assaulter, however, his electrical appliances were confiscated as a punishment.

Additionally, ‘Isam Zain-addin, who is sentenced to life imprisonment and has been placed in solitary confinement since December 24, said that he has been suffering from stomach pain for the last four years without receiving any medical medication.

He complained about repression, humiliation and provocation of detainees by the prison administration. He also complained that detainees placed in solitary confinement never leave their cells without being handcuffed and that they lack external toilet, noting that they are only allowed one hour outside their cells.

Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, Issa Qaraqe, stated that the number of sick prisoners detained in Israeli jails have reached 1500, of whom 80 prisoners are suffering from serious health problems and do not receive the necessary treatment; they suffer from malignant diseases, paralysis, and disabilities, in addition to cases of mental illnesses and neurological disorders.

The Palestine Detainees Studies Center said around 60% of the Palestinian prisoners detained in Israeli jails, suffer from chronic diseases, a number of whom died in detention or after being released due to the severity of their cases caused by a deliberate medical negligence policy.

According to the committee, prisoners detained in Israeli jails are held in cells that lack basic health standards, highlighting the infestation of insects and rats and lack of proper heating infrastructure.