In Pursuit of Alleged Stone Thrower, Israeli Soldiers Threaten to Arrest Three-Year-Old

HEBRON, October 5, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Monday raided a Palestinian family’s house in the West Bank city of Hebron to detain a suspected stone thrower, only to discover the boy in questions is three years old.

Heavily-guarded Israeli troops broke into the house of Mohammad al-Ja‘bari in the Hebron neighborhood of al-Ras, seeking to detain his son, Yousef, purportedly for throwing stones.

The soldiers ransacked al-Ja‘bari’s house, searching for the suspected stone thrower, but couldn’t find any boys other than a three year old child.

Despite his young age, the soldiers reportedly threatened to detain him, at which point the father told soldiers: “Go ahead and take him if you want.” However, the soldiers left the house without any detention.

This came as an Israeli force handed head of the Hebron-based Sharia court a notice, ordering him to close the court until further notice.

WAFA reported on head of the Hebron-based Sharia Court, ‘Abdul-Qader Idris, as saying Israeli forces broke into the court headquarters in Hebron’s Old City and handed him a closure notice.

Idris slammed storming the court’s premises and handing the closure notice as a “brutal and immoral act” against a judicial institution that enjoys immunity under international laws and norms.