Israel Abuses Wounded Detainees, says Prisoners’ Commission

RAMALLAH, October 13, 2015 (WAFA) – Palestinian detainees, who were recently  detained  by the Israeli forces, are maltreated, abused, and physically assaulted prior to and during their detention, according to Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs (CPA).

Tareq Barghouth, an attorney with the CPA, said Palestinian detainee Ahmad Manasrah, 13 years old, who was detained by Israeli police on Monday, was brutally assaulted and beaten in the head and throughout his body by Israeli police officers.

According to Barghouth, Manasrah was detained for allegedly partaking in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem, despite the fact that he himself was not involved. Prior to his arrest, Manasrah was chased and run over by an Israeli police vehicle.

Meanwhile, prisoner Mohammad Zeyadeh was critically wounded and partially paralyzed when an Israeli undercover force detained him on October 7, attorney Barghouth added.

Meanwhile, Karim Ajwah, an attorney with CPA, said the health condition of prisoner Jalal Sharawneh from Hebron – who was injured prior to his arrest by Israeli soldiers on October 10 – is significantly deteriorating.

Another prisoner, Tamer Wredat, 25, from Hebron, has also been subjected to torture and maltreatment in Israeli jails. He was arrested on October 7 for allegedly stabbing an Israeli settler in Petah Tekva.

To be noted, hundreds of Palestinians were recently detained by the Israeli army and security forces across the West Bank districts and Jerusalem, amid growing tension and renewing clashes in the aftermath of Israel’s attempted temporal division of al-Aqsa Mosque compound between Muslims and Jews.