Israel Approves Construction of 900 Settlement Units in East Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, May 7, 2015 (WAFA) – The Israeli government Thursday gave the green light for the construction of 900 new housing units in an East Jerusalem illegal Israeli settlement, reported the leftist Peace Now movement, which campaigns against Israeli settlement activities.

France press agency reported on the official spokesperson of Peace now Movement as stating that the Israeli planning committee in Jerusalem approved a decision to build 900 new housing units in Ramat Shlomo illegal settlement.

Israel has been approving the building of new housing units in settlements located in the Palestinian territory, including in East Jerusalem, despite of international condemnations.

The United States, along with other world countries, have continuously expressed concern over Israel’s settlement construction, which is internationally slammed illegal based on international law.

The Security Council, the General Assembly, the Human Rights Council and the International Court of Justice have all confirmed that the construction and expansion of Israeli settlements and other settlement-related activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory are illegal under international law.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was previously quoted by media as stating that,  “We will continue to build in Jerusalem. We will add thousands of residential units and withstand all the [international] pressure, as we continue to develop our eternal capital.”