Israel Approves Hebraizing Names of Streets across Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, September 21, 2015 (WAFA) – The Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem approved last Sunday night a decision to replace the original names of several streets and districts in and outside Jerusalem’s Old City with ‘Hebrew’ names that carry Talmudic connotations, according to WAFA correspondent.

Among the streets slated for change is the name of Jabal al-Zayotoun (Mount of Olives) district, which is set to be changed into “Har Hamshaha”, the Talmudic reference to the mountain.

Other changes also include the name of the neighborhood district of al-Bustan in Silwan area, which would be changed into “Shir Hamaalot”, a Talmudic name that refers to a road leading to what is known for Jews as the Temple. Jews claim that the Temple is located at the site of al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

According to the Palestinian Information Center, Analysts said that the Israeli decision to change the street names is a barefaced infringement and violation of international law, which prohibits changing street names in occupied territories.

The Israeli occupation authorities have altered at least 300 street names across Occupied Jerusalem so far.

“Israel’s Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barakat, has often pursued such a policy to boost Judaization schemes across Occupied Jerusalem and undermine the Islamic and Arab peculiarity of the city,” reported the information center.