Israel Arrests 10 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

WEST BANK, March 29, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli army and police Sunday arrested at least 10 Palestinians in separate incidents in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, according to local and security sources.

Israeli Border Police arrested four Palestinian workers from the village of Hosan, west of Bethlehem, while they were crossing to Israel for work. They were identified as Mahmoud Shazasa, 42, Mohammad Ismail Hamamrah, 35, Tareq Hamamrah, 28, and Ahmad Izza, 19.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army stormed the villages of Doha and Za’tara and summoned two local residents to appear for interrogation at the nearby illegal Etzion military compound. Another army unit also broke into a barbershop in the nearby Aida refugee camp, but there were no reports of arrests.

In the meantime, an Israeli army force broke into Hebron, where they arrested two local residents, who were identified as Ali Ewewi and Hazem Himouni, a former prisoner, after raiding and searching their homes. The Israeli army also stormed the nearby town of Dora and arrested Ammar Qazzaz.

Israeli soldiers also broke into the nearby town of Surif, where they searched a number of homes and sabotaged their furniture, but no arrests were reported.

In Jerusalem, Israeli police broke into the neighborhood of Silwan, where they arrested two brothers. The brothers, identified as Abed and Ayed Ebesan, were led to a nearby police station.

Meanwhile in Jenin, army set a flying checkpoint near the town of Ya’bad, where they arrested Saber Masarwa, 28, from Jenin refugee camp.