Israel Declares Khirbet Makhoul Closed Military Area

AL-MALEH, JORDAN VALLEY, September 30, 2013 (WAFA) – The Israeli army Monday declared Khirbet Makhoul, a small Bedouin dwelling in the northern Jordan Valley, a closed military area banning anyone from reaching it, according to Aref Daraghme, head of al-Maleh village council.

He told WAFA that the army set up road blocks at the entrance to the dwelling, which was destroyed four times in the last three weeks.

He said the army is expecting Palestinian and international supporters to reach the area to show solidarity with the residents of Khirbet Makhoul whose homes were demolished and the families uprooted from their land.

The army foiled several previous attempts to rebuild the dwelling including efforts by the International Committee of the Red Cross and European diplomats to provide tents and other material to the 120 people who lost their homes and left under the blazing Jordan Valley sun and above 40 degrees Celsius weather conditions without any shelter whatsoever.

At one point, soldiers pulled a French diplomat out of an aid truck heading to Khirbet Makhoul on September 20 and dragged her to the ground to prevent delivery of badly needed supplies.

While it was expected that this incident would create a diplomatic embarrassment to Israel, France instead pulled out her diplomat involved in the incident with the Israeli army from service at the French consulate in Jerusalem.

source:WAFA NEWS