Israel Detains 31 Palestinians in Jerusalem, West Bank

JERUSALEM, October 14, 2015 (WAFA) – At least 20 Palestinians were detained by Israeli police last night in Jerusalem and 11 others by the Israeli army in the West Bank, according to local sources.

In Jerusalem, Israeli police raided the neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabir and detained six Palestinians, identified as Ramzi Abdo, Iyad Ewesat, Nader Abdo, Qasem Hmedeh, Ehab Abu-Dehem, and Mahmoud Ewesat.

Police also raided al-Issawiya, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, where they detained eight Palestinians. They were identified as Jamal Dari, Sa’ed Dari, Mohammad Dari, Akram Dari, Medhat Ebed, Samir Ebed, Ahmad Ebed, and Mustafa Ebed.

Israeli police also raided the neighborhood of Jabal al-Zaytoun and Shuafat refugee camp, where five Palestinian minors were detained. They were identified as 15-year-old girl Shuruq Mazaru, Mustafa Abdin, 14, Mahmoud Abul-Hawa, Ibrahim Hadra, and Omar Abu-Madi.

Police also arrested a minor in Jerusalem’s Old City. He was identified as Omar Muna.

Meanwhile, Israeli army forces stormed the city of Hebron and the nearby towns of Bani Na’im and Dora, and detained four Palestinians, who were identified as Asem Abu-Esheh, 19, Jihad Abu-Skout, 20, Yasser Masharqa, 20, and Hussein Shahatit.

The army also stormed the nearby al-Arroub refugee camp and detained five Palestinians after raiding their homes and sabotaging their furniture. The five were identified as Mohammad Rushdi, 15, Wadee Jundi, 17, Ahmad Abu-Nasif, 15, Mohammad Jawabreh, 15, and Ahmad Muqusi, 25.

Israeli soldiers raided the city of Tulkarm, in northern West Bank, and detained two Palestinians after raiding their homes and sabotaging furniture. The two were identified as Zeyad Abu-Zanat, 23, and Muhannad Hamshari, 24.

Meanwhile in Nablus district, they army stormed the towns of Beit Furik and Asira esh-Shamaliya and summoned four Palestinians to appear for interrogation.