Israel Detains 34 Palestinians during Raids into West Bank Districts

RAMALLAH, November 4, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces overnight and Tuesday evening detained at least 32 Palestinians in predawn raids into various West Bank districts, said the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC) in a press release.

Israeli forces detained 13 Palestinians from Jerusalem, ten from Hebron, six from Ramallah, and three others from Jenin, in addition to two more from Nablus.

In Jerusalem district, Israeli police raided the Old City’s neighborhoods of Silwan and al-Sa‘diya, where they detained six Palestinians after breaking into and ransacking their houses.

The detainees were identified as Hiba Sarhan, who works as a guard at Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, ‘Omar and Rami Za‘anin, Khalid al-Mughrabi, ‘Abbd al-Haddad and Muhammad Jaber.

Furthermore, police detained five other Palestinians after storming and ransacking their houses in a predawn raid into al-‘Issawiya town, north of Jerusalem.

The detainees were identified as Hamed and Samer ‘Obaid, Muhammad Mahmoud, Muhammad ‘Alayyan and Bashar Dari.

This came several hours after two Palestinian minors were detained from in front of their homes in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ath-Thuri on Tuesday evening.

The two detainees were identified by Amjad Abu ‘Asab, local chairman of a committee representing detainees’ families, as Muhammad Shwaiki, 7, and Amir ‘Abbasi, 9.

Meanwhile in Hebron district, Israeli forces detained at least ten Palestinians in predawn raids into al-Fawwar refugee camp, Beit Ummar town and other Hebron neighborhoods.

Forces raided al-Fawwar camp, where they proceeded to detain four Palestinians, including a minor, after breaking into and tampering with the contents of their houses.

The detainees were identified as Ibrahim, 14, and ‘Odai at-Titi, 17, ‘Abdullah Nassar, 31, and Mahmoud Barahimiya, 36.

Furthermore, WAFA reported Muhammad ‘Awad, a local anti-settlement activist, as saying that forces detained another Palestinian and ransacked several houses during a predawn raid into Beit Ummar town. The detainee was identified as Ahmad As-Salibi, 17.

During the raid, forces broke into and ransacked several houses, including a house belonging to Bader Ikhlail, purportedly seeking to detain his son, Mahmoud, 28.

Forces also detained at least five other Palestinians from Hebron district. They were identified as Qais Taylakh, 18, ‘Abdel-Qader Shahin, 20, Shakib Tnnaini, 57, and his son, Hayel, 24, and Baha’ An-Najjar, 20.

Forces also raided Khursa village in Dura area, northwest of Hebron, where they summoned a Palestinian after breaking into his house.

Ayman Tbaish, a former detainee, was handed a notice ordering him to turn himself over to Israeli intelligence.

Forces reportedly stepped up restrictions imposed on locals’ freedom of movement, setting up two military checkpoints at the entrance of al-Fawwar and the southern entrance of Hebron as well as closing the steel gate erected at the entrance of Dura.

This has obstructed locals’ access to Hebron areas and resulted in real hardships and constant uncertainty in their  lives in terms of everyday tasks such as getting to work or school or visiting relatives.

In the meantime in Ramallah district, forces detained six Palestinians from Silwad town and An-Nabi Saleh village, northeast and north of Ramallah, respectively.

Forces detained three Palestinians in a predawn raid into Silwad town, east of the city, after breaking into and ransacking their houses.

The detainees were identified as Muhammad Hamed, 29, a former detainee, Haitham, 23, and Naser Hammad.

WAFA reported locals as saying that troops leading tracking dogs broke into the house of Hamed’s family, smashing the doors, and physically assaulted Haitham’s brother, Muhammad.

Forces also detained three other Palestinians from An-Nabi Saleh. They were identified as Mu‘tasem at-Tamimi, and his brother, ‘Issam, and Basel ‘Odeh.

Meanwhile in Jenin district, forces detained three Palestinians during a predawn raid into Qabatiya town, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

The detainees were identified as ex-detainee Majd Kmail, 27, Salah Kmail, 22, and Iyad Nazzal, 32.

During the raid, forces broke into at least two other houses belonging to Ziad and Adib Nazzal and clashes reportedly broke out in the area.

In the meantime in the northern West Bank district of Nablus, forces detained a Palestinian at a military checkpoint in Beit Furik, southeast of the city.

The detainee was identified as As‘ad ‘Odeh from ‘Urif village, south of the city.

Another Palestinian identified as Riyad Jabbur was detained during a predawn raid into Salim village, east of the city.