Israel Detains 47 Palestinians, including in Arab Cities in Israel

WEST BANK, October 8, 2015 (WAFA) – At least 47 Palestinians were last night detained by the Israeli authorities across the West Bank and Jerusalem, as well as in the Arab cities of Lod and Umm al-Fahm in modern day Israel.

Most of the detentions were concentrated in Hebron, where at least 31 Palestinians were reportedly detained by the Israeli army during predawn raids.

In Hebron city, the army detained seven Palestinian teenagers. They were identified as Abed Ajouli, Mohammad al-Falah, Majed Fakhouri, 13, Fadi Natsheh, 13, Rami Abu-Menshar, 18, Mohammad Abu-Sneneh, 18, and Ali Abu-Sneneh, 15.

Israeli army forces also detained seven Palestinians in the nearby town of Halhoul. They were identified as Ahmad Ehnain, 20, Yousef Zama’reh, Mohammad Zama’reh, 20, Abdel-Muhsen Zama’reh, Yahya Jahshan, Salah Jahshan, 16, and Yousef al-Wuhush.

Five other Palestinians were also detained in the village of Zeif, south of Hebron. The five were identified as Muataz Nammourah, 22, who was brutally beaten up by the army upon detention, in addition to Ayham Sayed-Ahmad, Mutasem Sharawneh, Mohammad Talahmi, and Belal al-Khatib, 18.

The army also stormed the town of Beit Ummar, where they detained Emad Abu-Maria, 37, Yazan Salibi, 19, Hesham Sabarneh, 20, Ramzi Abu-Maria, 27, Mohammad Sabarneh, 24, Ahmad Abu-Ayyash, 23, Imad Ekhlail, 40, Emad Abu-Maria, 35, Iyad Bahar, 40, Sami Bahar, 24, Ibrahim Za’azik, 26, and Mohammad Za’azik.

Mohammad Awad, coordinator of the Anti-Settlement Committee in Beit Ummar, said the army raided a number of facilities and stores in the town using sniffer dogs.

Meanwhile in Bethlehem, Israeli forces stormed the village of Hosan and detained 20-year-old Milad Shaer, after raiding and searching his house.

Army forces also raided the nearby village of al-Khader, but there were no reports of detentions.

In Jenin district, at least one Palestinian was reportedly detained by the army in the village of Aqqaba, southeast of Jenin. He was identified as Muthanna Abu-Arra.

Meanwhile, Israeli police raided multiple Palestinian homes in Jerusalem and detained two Palestinians, indentified as Zakaria Darwish and Nizar Atari.

Israeli police said it detained 12 Palestinians from the cities of Um al-Fahm and Lod in what is referred to modern day Israel, for partaking in peaceful protests against the Israeli escalation in the West Bank and Jerusalem.