Israel Detains 52 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

WEST BANK, October 21, 2015 (WAFA) – At least 52 Palestinians were detained by the Israeli army and police during predawn raids across the West Bank, according to local and security sources.

In Jerusalem, Israeli police forces detained 10 Palestinians after raiding their homes in the neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabir, Beit Hanina, the Old City, Silwan, as well as in al-Issawiya.

The detainees were identified as Ahmad Abu-Diab, Mamoun al-Razem, Ashraf Ewesat, Mohammad Ewesat, Mohammad Khalaileh, Ahmad Tantash, Tamer al-Khilfawi, Bahjat al-Razem, Feras Jarjour, and Tha’er Mehesen.

Meanwhile, army forces detained at least 20 Palestinians during a large-scale raid and detention campaign across the Hebron area.

at least 10 Palestinians were reportedly detained by the army in the city of Hebron. They were identified as Hmedan Salhab, 60, Mohammad Natsheh, 21, Nehad al-Ja’beh, 37, Moataz Salhab, 18, Ahmad Salaymeh, 21, Ali Ewewi, 26, Anas Mujahed, Ubaidah al-Rajoub, Tareq and Nasser al-Rajabi.

The army also stormed the nearby town of Beit Ummar and detained Nasim Abu-Maria, 18, Qusai Sabarneh, 16, Ahmad al-Alami, 22, Labib al-Alami, 26, and Hussein Ikhlail, 18. They were led to an interrogation and detention center.

Five others were also detained in the nearby towns of Idna, Dora, and Beit Kahel. They were identified as Abder-Rahim Sawayfeh, 32, Hesham Nammoura, 21, Rami al-Rajoub, 21, Ramzi Darawish, 22, and Hamza Zahour, 21.

Meanwhile, Israeli army stormed Nablus and detained four Palestinians from Balata refugee camp in the city. They were identified as Qusai Hashash, Mohammad al-Saudi, Mohammad al-Ka’bi, and Mohammad Ja’arah. Local Ahmad Sh-hadeh was also detained from Nablus’ town of Orif.

Five other Palestinians were also detained by the army across Nablus district. They were identified as Mohammad Abdel-Baset, Mohammad Raja, Shukri al-Qutt, Anas Khwereih, and Kefaya al-A’keh.

The arrest of the aforementioned Palestinians bring the total number of Palestinians detained from Nablus alone since the beginning of October 1, to 70, some of whom are placed under administrative detention; without charge or trial.


In the meantime, army forces stormed the village of Sinjel, northeast of Ramallah, and detained five Palestinians identified as Sulaiman Asfour, Abed Asfour, Abdel-Hafez Shabaneh, Ibrahim Ghafri, and Islam Tawafsheh.

In Jenin, Israeli army detained Mustafa Sammoudi, 23, after raiding his house in the town of al-Yamoun, northwest of Jenin.

Army also detained a man from Jenin as he attempted to cross through an Israeli-run checkpoint near Jericho. He was identified as Mohammad Fuqaha.