Israel Detains at Least 35 Palestinians from Across West Bank

NABLUS, October 20, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces overnight detained at least 35 Palestinians, including a lawmaker, during predawn raids into several West Bank districts, Palestinian local and security sources said.

Israeli forces detained at least 12 Palestinians, including Ramez Ilewi, brother of Raghib ‘Ilewi, whom Israel suspects was involved in the shooting of an Israeli settler couple near the Nablus village of Beit Furik earlier this month, in a predawn house-to-house raid across the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Forces raided ‘Asira Ash-Shamaliya town, north of the city, where they proceeded to detain three Palestinians after breaking into and ransacking their houses. The detainees were identified as Nidal Daghlas, ‘Ala’ Shouli and Ahmad Hamadnah.

Forces also detained six other Palestinians during a predawn raid into Beit Furik village, southeast of the city. The detainees were identified as Iyad Hanani, and Omar ‘Orabi, in addition to four more from Khatatba family identified as Hamdi, Ahmad Wrad, Ghanim and Ahmad Refa’t. Mohammed Ishtayeh and Montasir Raja were detained from the villages of Salem and Bourin, respectively.

Meanwhile in Hebron district, Israeli forces detained at least seven Palestinians, including a minor and ex-detainee, in multiple predawn raids across the district.

Forces raided the Hebron city neighborhoods of Hadur, al-Bassa and Az-Zeiutun, and Jabal al-Masharef, where they detained at least three Palestinians identified as Ahmad al-Karaki, 17, Mus‘ab al-Bakri, 19, and Sadek Sayyaj, 23, who is a university student in Palestine Polytechnic University.

At least three other Palestinians were detained during a predawn raid into the Hebron city neighborhood of Jabal al-Masharef. The detainees were identified as Mahmoud al-Sharabati, 36, who is an ex-detainee, as well as Muhammad An-Natsha and his brother, Mahmoud.

Another Palestinian was detained during a predawn raid into Idhna town, west of the city. The detainee was identified as ‘Ali Tmeizi, 27.

Meanwhile in Bethlehem district, forces detained four young Palestinian men, including three brothers, during a raid into the village of Tuqou‘, east of the city.

The detainees were identified as Lu’ay al-‘Omour, 16, and his two brothers, Muhammad, 19, and Bilal, 24, as well as Muhammad Ibrahim al-‘Omour, 21.

Furthermore, Israeli undercover forces, dressed up as Palestinians, nabbed four Palestinian school children while they were exiting their school in order to take part in a rally organized in Dar Salah village, east of the city, to protest Israel’s recent escalations against the Palestinian people and al-Aqsa mosque compound.

Israeli undercover forces, according to Head of Dar Salah Local Council ‘Issam Mubarak, raided the kindergarten section of a school, occupying its rooftop, before deploying inside it and nabbing five students identified as Ez Eddin Radaydeh, 17, Mustafa Radaydeh, 17, Murad Amyeh, 19, Wa’el Shnayteh, 16, and Majdi Salah, 14.

Meanwhile in Ramallah district, forces detained Hasan Yousef, a Palestinian lawmaker, after breaking into and ransacking his house in Beituniya.

In the meantime in Jenin district, forces detained local Khalil Freihat during a predawn raid into al-Yamoun town, west of the city.

Furthermore in Jerusalem district, police re-detained a Palestinian young man after storming his house in the Silwan neighborhood of Ras al-‘Amud, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

The detainee was identified as Muhammad Rukn.

Another Palestinian minor was detained from Abu Dis town, east of the city. He was identified as Mahmoud Erekat.

Forces also raided the Jerusalem neighborhood of al-‘Issawiya, where they detained four Palestinians, including two brothers.

The detainees were identified as ‘Abdullah and Muhammad Mustafa as well as Basil and his brother Jamal Darwish.