Israel Embarrasses US, Not PA, says Abbas in Fatah 50th Anniversary

RAMALLAH, December 31, 2014 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday stated in response to the United States position, Israel is the side that embarrasses or isolates the US rather the Palestinian leadership.

Abbas made these remarks during a televised speech aired on Palestine TV on the occasion of Fatah 50th anniversary, a day after the United Nations Security Council foiled the Palestinian statehood bid.

The resolution called for setting a three-year deadline for ending the Israeli occupation that started in June 1967, by 2017.

Abbas said, “The US is further isolated as a result of defending Israel’s policies and deploying its veto in the UN Security Council, so that Israel won’t be punished for its actions.”

Permanent Representative of the US to the UN Samantha Power slammed the resolution as unconstructive which leads to further division and confrontations.

The draft resolution failed to secure nine votes in favor which are required for it to be passed, after both the US and Australia voted against it and five other countries, including Britain, abstained.

“It is apparent that the Israeli government has not learned from the transformation in the European arena, including the boycott of Israeli settlements’ products and the recognition of the State of Palestine by a string of European governments and parliaments,” stated Abbas.

He noted that the European recognitions are a result of the fact that “the entire world has grown weary of this reprehensible Israeli occupation, the last and longest occupation in modern history.”

Abbas rejected the double standards in dealing with terrorism saying that “Israeli settlers’ actions and practices and their defenders can only be described as terrorist and terrorists’ defenders respectively.”

He slammed Israel’s decision to annex East Jerusalem as ‘a void decision that is not recognized by any country.”

Abbas ascribed the stalled peace process to the ongoing Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank that has turned Palestinian cities and villages into enclaves and prompted the Palestinian leadership to seek accession to UN organizations.

In response to those who described the Palestinian statehood draft resolution as a unilateral, Abbas stated: “It is the actions of the Israeli government that are unilateral. The Palestinian statehood draft resolution in contrast includes the principles that are unanimously agreed upon by the international community, namely ending the Israeli occupation that started in 1967 and establishing the contiguous, viable and independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Abbas also said during the meeting that the Palestinian people and leadership would neither accept nor allow for the Palestinian cause to be marginalized under the pretext of fighting expiatory groups in the region.

“We rightfully believe that the military and cultural defeat of these groups is achieved through achieving just peace restoring our rights in all available means,” added Abbas.