Israel Kills 64 Palestinians, Leaves 7,200 Injured since October 1

RAMALLAH, October 28, 2015 (WAFA) – At least 64 Palestinians have been killed and over 7,200 others injured by Israeli forces since the beginning of the unrest in the West Bank and Jerusalem early October 2015, according to official figures released by the Ministry of Health.

Among the fatalities are 14 children; amounting to 21.87% of the total death toll. The youngest of all is two-year old Rahaf Hassan.

Whereas 46 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank, 17 others were killed in the Gaza Strip, including a pregnant woman.

Meanwhile, one Palestinian from the town of Hora in the Naqab was killed by Israeli fire.

Meanwhile, some 2,200 Palestinians were injured with either live rounds, rubber-coated bullets, or by sustaining burns or being subjected to physical abuse during separate incidents in the occupied territories since the beginning of October.

A total of 650 were injured with live-fire, while another 850 were injured with rubber-coated steel bullets. 200 others were subjected to physical assault by the Israeli settlers or armed soldiers.

About 5,000 others suffered intense suffocation due to the excessive use of teargas during clashes with Israeli armed forces. 12 other Palestinians sustained burns during clashes in the West Bank.

In Gaza, 790 Palestinians were injured, including 175 children; while 370 Palestinians were injured with live rounds, 90 others sustained injuries due to the use of rubber-coated bullets.

Meanwhile, 330 other Palestinians sustained suffocation due to teargas inhalation during clashes with Israeli forces at Gaza’s eastern border.

To be noted, three Palestinians were killed in two separate incidents in Hebron on Tuesday.  The three were identified as Izz Ed-Din Abu-Skhedem, 18, Shadi Dweik, 22, and Humam Said, 23.

Tension has been running high since the beginning of October 2015, fueled by Israel’s attempts to enforce a unilateral division of al-Aqsa Mosque compound, the third holiest place in Islam, between Muslims and Jews.

The situation has significantly deteriorated since settlers’ arson attack against the Dawabsheh family home in the Nablus village of Duma, which claimed the life of 18-month old Ali Dawabsheh.

Dawabsheh’s father, Sa’ad, died at an Israeli hospital a month later, while the mother, Riham, died two months after the incident. Ahmed, 4-our-old, is the only son of the family to remain alive, and is still being hospitalized.