Israel Plans to Seize 2,000 dunums from Hebron Town

HEBRON, February 11, 2015 (WAFA) – Israel announced that it would be seizing up to 2,000 dunums belonging to Ash-Shuyukh town to the northeast of Hebron, said a local activist.

Activist Ahmad Halaykah said the so-called Israeli Civil Administration placed an order expressing its plan to expropriate 2,000 dunums of land that belong to the Halaykah, al-Worassenah and al-Hassasnah families in the town.

Mayor of Ash-Shuyukh Sharif Halaykah said that the landowners have been denied access to their land, which has been continuously seized for settlement construction.

Ash-Shuyukh noted the municipality has contacted competent authorities and human rights organizations, urging them to intervene to rescind this order, which would deprive the town farmers from accessing their lands, which form their main source of livelihood.