Israel Reneges on Vow to Release Body of Killed Palestinian Teen

JENIN, November 11, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli authorities Wednesday reneged on a vow to release the body of the Palestinian teenager who was gunned down on Tuesday by Israeli army soldiers at the container Israeli military checkpoint in Hebron.

The teenager’s father told WAFA that despite of a prior coordination between the Palestinian military liaison and the Israeli side to release his son’s body early Wednesday morning, Israel reneged on its vow without providing a specific date to when they would release his body.

Sadeq Gharbyeh, 16, was seen in a video that went viral attempting to simply avoid a dog’s attack, when an Israeli soldier shot him from point-blank range, at the container military checkpoint on Tuesday.

Forces reportedly prevented Palestinian Red Crescent crews from providing the teen with first aid, before he was taken to hospital a while later, where he was pronounced dead.

The father appealed to all relevant sides to intervene and help recover his son’s body so they can lay him to rest.

Meanwhile, the family of Palestinian teenager Ahmad Abu al-Rub, 17, from the town of Qabatiya, made a similar appeal for the release of their son’s body, who was fatally shot by Israeli forces manning Jenin’s al-Jalama military checkpoint, after allegedly attempting to stab one of the soldiers on November 2.

This came amid growing tension in the West Bank districts and Jerusalem, prompted by repeated Israeli assaults on al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem, including the unilateral enforcement of a temporal division at the holy site between Muslims and Jews.

According to the Middle East Eye, “The Knesset – earlier this month – ‘agreed to the proposal put forth by the Israeli internal security minister Gilad Erdan to not hand over the bodies of Palestinians who were allegedly involved in stabbing attacks to their families.’

“The terrorist’s family turns the funeral into a demonstration of support for terrorism and incitement to the murder,” said Erdan.

Since the beginning of the Palestinian uprising, against the backdrop of Israel’s growing dominance over al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem,  Israeli forces ‘have resorted to using live ammunition and lethal force against Palestinian demonstrators and against anyone upon suspicion,’ said B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights and information center.

B’Tselem said, “Israeli occupation authorities have further escalated their oppressive measures against Palestinians and have resorted to holding the bodies of 22 Palestinian who were suspected of allegedly attempting stabbing attacks, despite little evidence to support such suspicions.”

“The families of these individuals were also targeted and harassed as several of them were arrested and some received punitive house demolition orders,” which the center described as “policies and acts of collective punishment and reprisal”.

“Israeli practices aim at creating facts on the ground by imposing and validating the status quo of settlements, displacing Palestinians from occupied Jerusalem and Area “C” of the West Bank in addition to isolating Jerusalem from the West Bank and harassing Palestinian civilians.”

“Israel’s practices will only result in further deteriorating the current situation and escalating it,” stressed B’Tselem.