Israel Shuts Down NGO Center in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, May 7, 2015 (WAFA) – The Israeli intelligence Thursday notified the Health Work Committees (HWC) in Jerusalem of its decision to shut it down for a period of 12 months, said a committee in a statement.

According to media sources, the decision stated that, “’Under the Prevention of Terrorism Act of 1948 and after the conviction that this place is used in terrorist activities, we decided to close it for one year from this date.’

“The Health Work Committees (HWC) is a non-governmental health and development organization, established in 1985 to meet the health care needs of the Palestinian population living under occupation. Its Shuafat office in East Jerusalem housed the group’s school health prgramme, which since 1990 has provided medical exams, preventative screenings, health education and vaccinations to Palestinian students in more than 62 schools in Jerusalem,” said Alternet on its website.

Israeli Police and a staff of the Israeli intelligence  raided the center early Thursday and handed officials there the closure order, in addition to two other orders summoning two officials to appear for interrogation at the Israeli intelligence. Israeli police further confiscated the PC’s.

Alternet reported on the center urging ‘all national and international legal, human rights and health organizations to force the occupation to revoke this arbitrary and unjust decision”, states the HWC, which declares  this latest decision is part of the wider Israeli campaign targeting Palestinian residents of Jerusalem.’