Israeli Army Conducts Military Drills, Hampers Residents’ Movements

JENIN, March 17, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli army Tuesday conducted military drills in a former Israeli military camp, which was evacuated in 2006 and located between the villages of Jaba’ and Sanur in Jenin as well as set up its military checkpoints at the entrances of several neighborhoods in Hebron and Jenin.

Security sources told WAFA that Israeli soldiers stormed the camp and conducted military drills in the location, which extends on both sides of the major road between the two villages of Jaba and Sanur. While the camp has been evacuated for many years, the Israeli army still uses the site on regular bases for training.

Israeli soldiers set up checkpoints and harass villagers frequently. Unlike Oush Grab when evacuated, the Israelis destroyed all the buildings in the camp, leaving huge piles of rubble. This presents a challenge for any public reuse. Landowners say they haven’t touched their land since the army left because they don’t have the money to repair the damage. Some people have begun minimal cultivation on the edges of the camp, and shepherds have set up tents in the former shooting range.

Meanwhile, forces also set up a military checkpoint at the entrance of the town of Yabod in Jenin, stopping passing Palestinian registered vehicles and checking their identity cards, causing a traffic jam.

In Hebron area, forces stormed several neighborhoods and set up several military checkpoints at the southern entrances of the district, searching vehicles and checking the identity cards of passing residents.

B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian Territories, said that in February 2014 there were 99 fixed checkpoints in the West Bank: 59 are internal checkpoints, located well within the West Bank. The presence of such checkpoints within the West Bank has always raised questions regarding their so-called security purposes. Palestinians believe that such checkpoints are only found to restrict Palestinians movement and control their lives.