Israeli Army Detains 17 Palestinians in West Bank

BETHLEHEM, October 18, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces detained 17 Palestinians, including minors, during house-to-house raids and clashes that broke out across the West Bank districts on Sunday, according to local and security sources.

In Bethlehem, forces detained six Palestinians from the towns of Taqou and al-Khader to the east and south of Bethlehem, respectively.

In al-Khader town, army soldiers detained Qosay Issa, 21, after raiding and searching his home.

Forces reportedly launched a large-scale house raid and search campaign in the town of Taqou, where they detained Odai, 15, Qosay, 17, and Mohannad al-Amour, 15, in addition to two more locals identified as  Mousa al-Badn, 27, Saqr Jebril, 22.

Forces further combed land lots and took some photographs of an archeological area to the west of the town of Taqou.

In the meantime, other army forces set up three tents at the entrance of the village of Marah Rabah to the south of Bethlehem. Security sources told WAFA that large army forces were also deployed at the site, adding that forces further fired hot air balloons equipped with surveillance cameras over the Bethlehem area.

In Hebron, forces detained five Palestinians during a raid campaign launched across the Hebron area. They were identified as Mahmoud al-Jundi, 25, Mohammed al-Ja’abari, 27, Ibrahim al-Ja’abari, and Mohannad al-Suori.

Forces also detained 24-year-old Mahmoud al-Jundi, the brother of Amjad al-Jundi who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers after allegedly carrying out a stabbing  attack against a settler in the settlement of Kiryat Arba, at a Tarkumia Israeli military checkpoint.

In Qalqilia area, the army detained three Palestinians from the village of Hajjah, in addition to two more from the city of Qalqilia and the village of Azoun. They were identified as Mohannad Baslat, Abdel Rahim Masalha, Mahmoud Baslat, Sa’id Tamali, and ex-detainee Zaid Odwan.

In the meantime, forces  raided Qalandia Refugee Camp at dawn, spurring clashes with locals. Local Ahmad Assaqa was detained after forces raided his home.