Israeli Army Fatally Shoots Palestinian at Close Range

HEBRON, October 20, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli soldiers Tuesday fatally shot a Palestinian youth in the town of Beit Awwa, to the west of Hebron, according to medical sources.

The Ministry of Health said Israeli soldiers targeted – from a very close range – 24-year-old Hashem Masalmeh with live bullets that penetrated his head, killing him instantly. Masalmeh was also repeatedly shot in his feet.

The ministry denied the Israeli military’s claim that Masalmeh attempted to stab an Israeli soldier before he was fatally shot.

The killing of Masalmeh brings the total number of Palestinians killed  since the beginning of violent unrest on October 1st, to 47 people, including nine children and a 16-month-old baby.

The ministry said that 32 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank, while 14 others were killed in Gaza, including a mother and her toddler daughter, in addition to a Palestinian youth from inside the 1984 land.

There has been mounting tension across the West Bank and Jerusalem with Israel’s repeated assault of al-Aqsa Mosque Compound, particularly its growing attempts to temporally divide the site between Muslims and Jews.

The situation has been significantly deteriorating since settlers’ arson attack on the Dawabsheh’s family home, which left a 4-our-old orphaned, after his parents and toddler brother  lost their lives.