Israeli Army Shoots, Kills Teen at Jenin’s Jalama Checkpoint, Tear Gases Trapped Cars

JENIN, October 24, 2015 (WAFA) – A Palestinian teenager was shot dead with at least five live bullets by Israeli army soldiers stationed at al-Jalama Israeli-run military checkpoint to the north of Jenin, after he allegedly attempted to stab one of the Israeli soldiers. Forces -following the shooting – targeted Palestinian cars waiting to cross the checkpoint, with tear gas.

WAFA correspondent reported on one of the witnesses who were present at the scene of the shooting as saying that, soldiers fired at least five live bullets at 16-year-old Ahmad Kmail, as he attempted to cross the checkpoint through one of the metal gates; ‘Inspection procedures at the checkpoint typically take hours as every person must pass through metal turnstiles one at a time.’

An official at the Palestinian Red Crescent, identified as Mahmoud al-Sa’adi informed WAFA that forces prevented their ambulances – that rushed to the scene – from accessing the site, and were seen taking the injured man away.  The teenager was later confirmed dead.

Israeli reports claimed that the teenager ran toward an Israeli  guard at the checkpoint with a knife-wielding hand. No Israelis were reportedly injured..

Following the shooting incident, forces closed the checkpoint, from both sides, amid firing a hail of tear gas canisters toward cars trapped at the checkpoint.

No injuries were reported until the moment.

Al-Jalama checkpoint separates  between the occupied West bank and the occupied 1948 land and is located near al-Jalama village to the north of Jenin.