Israeli Fighter Planes Breach Truce Agreement, Fire Missile into Gaza

GAZA, December 20, 2014 (WAFA) – The Israeli army Sunday violated the truce agreement reached between the Palestinian-Israeli sides under the Egyptian auspices earlier in August, firing at least a missile into an agricultural land to the south of the Gaza Strip.

WAFA correspondent reported that Israeli F-16 fighter jets fired at least one missile targeting an agricultural land in the city of Khan Younis, causing severe damage to residents’ property and cutting off the electricity supply to several areas located near the targeted land.

The attack, which came during the dawn hours, spread panic and fear among residents and their children who were asleep at the time of the attack, yet no injuries were reported.

Prior to the attack, Israeli drone planes were seen hovering in Gaza skies at low altitudes.

Israeli forces claimed that the attack came in response to a missile that was fired from Gaza toward Israeli territory in the western Negev region.

Meanwhile, Israeli naval boats targeted Palestinian fishermen’s boats offshore al-Sodaniyeh area, northwest of Gaza, yet no injuries were reported.

Israeli navy soldiers opened fire at the fishermen despite sailing within the six-nautical-mile zone allowed for fishing, forcing them to leave the sea for fear of being shot.

In the meantime, five Palestinians were shot injured late Friday night by Israeli Soldiers stationed along the northern Gaza borders to the east of Jabalia Town.

To be noted, Israeli army opens fire at farmers and residents along the border areas almost on daily basis, in a constant breaching of the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire agreement reached between the Israeli and Palestinian sides on august 26th.