Israeli Forces Detain 14 Palestinians from West Bank Districts

JERUSALEM, February 2, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces early Monday detained 14 Palestinians after breaking into and ransacking their houses in West Bank districts, said security sources and a local activist.

Israeli police raided Qalandiya refugee camp to the north of Jerusalem, where they detained five Palestinians after breaking into their homes and tampering with its content.

The detainees were identified as Muhammad Mtair, Osayd al-Zeir, Jalal Abu Isbaʻ, Murad Hammad and Ibrahim Manasra.

Meanwhile in Bethlehem, forces raided various neighborhoods in downtown Bethlehem, including al-Saf and al-‘Aruj, where they arrested three young men. The men were identified as Dakhl-allah Nawawra, 22, Musa Salahat, 19, and Mu‘tasem al-‘Aruj, 23.

Troops also raided al-Khader town to the west of the city. Israeli soldiers detained a Palestinian, after surrounding his house in al-Balu neighborhood.

Local Coordinator of anti-wall and settlement activities Ahmad Salah identified the young man as ‘Adel Abu Ramdan, 27.

Meanwhile in Hebron district, troops raided several neighborhoods, where they detained three Palestinians after storming their families’ homes.

The detainees were identified as Wahid al-Rajabi, 18, ‘Arafat al-Batsh, 19, and Ghassan Abu Saleh, 18.

Israeli forces also broke into the Hebron Agriculture and Finance Directorates headquarters, ransacking all buildings and leaving damaged property.

Several hours earlier, Sunday evening, a herd of sheep belonging to Muhammad Abu Sheikha, a Palestinian resident of al-Karma village to the south of the city was run over by a settler’s vehicle, killing 12 of the sheep.

Soldiers also chased after a Palestinian woman in the same town, causing her to sustain wounds and bruises across her body as a result of stumbling over the track and falling down.

The woman, identified as Hala al-Rajabi, who is a resident of the old City, was rushed into Hebron Public Hospital for treatment.

Forces also set up roadblocks at the entrances of Sa‘ir and Hahul towns as well as the northern entrance of the city, where they stopped and inspected vehicles with Palestinian registration plates and examined passengers’ identity cards, delaying them.

Meanwhile in Jenin, forces raided Burqin town to the southwest of the city, where they detained Ahmad Abu Samhud, 21, after breaking into and ransacking his family’s house.

In Nablus, forces raided Burin town to the south of the city, where they detained a Palestinian minor, who was identified as Muhammad ‘As‘ous, 17.

According to Raed ‘Amer, Head of the local Prisoners’ Club, Asous had been shot and injured by forces few days ago.