Israeli Forces Detain 15 Palestinian in West Bank, Jerusalem

HEBRON, November 11, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli army and police forces Wednesday detained 15 Palestinians, including three minors, from across the West Bank districts and summoned others for interrogation, according to security sources.

In Hebron area, Israeli army forces detained eight Palestinian locals, raided and searched several homes in the towns of Bani Na’im, Beit Ummar, and al-Aroub Refugee Camp.

Israeli forces stormed al-Aroub refugee camp and broke into and search several homes. No arrests were made. Israeli soldiers also distributed flyers warning the camp’s locals against acts of violence or stone throwing.

In Hebron’s Bani Na’im town, soldiers detained Saleh and Mo’tasim Ijdai’, both aged 20. They also raided and searched a house belonging to Ali Abu Skoot, however, no further arrests were reported.

Meanwhile, Yasir Masalmeh, 20, and Ghassan al-Swaiti, were detained while in their homes in Beit Awwa town to the south of Hebron. Soldiers reportedly searched and wreaked havoc into the house before arresting them.

In al-Thahriyeh town, Forces detained Nasir al-Hawarin, Nasir Samamreh, Mhammed Aby allan, and Mahmoud Iwredat.

Forces further raided, searched, and tampered with the contents of three homes in the Beit Ummar town. They reportedly left the houses, belonging to locals Sami Sabarneh, Ahmad Abu Mariya, without carrying out any arrests.

In East Jerusalem, Israeli police detained three locals from Ras al-Amoud neighborhood and led them to an interrogation and detention center in the city. They were identified as Montasir Salameh, Malik al-Shwaiki, and Mohammed Nasir.

Police forces further detained a 14-year-old student from inside a junior high school in the same neighborhood, as well as handed the school’s principle a summon ordering him to appear for interrogation, under the pretext that the school students attacked soldiers with stones.

In East Jerusalem’s town of al-Thawri, Police forces summoned two Palestinian women to appear before the Israeli intelligence for interrogation. The women were identified as Rima al-Mslamani, and Ranya al-Ghazawai.

Meanwhile in central Jerusalem, police raided the house of Mohammed Dirbas and handed his son, Ahmad, a similar order.

In Bethlehem, Israeli forces detained three Palestinians, including two minors, after raiding and searching their homes in the villages of Battir and Hosan to the west. They were identified as Dawood Hamad, 18, Rami Hamamreh, 17, and Mohammed al-A’raidi, 17, respectively.