Israeli Forces Detain 20 Palestinians from West Bank

RAMALLAH, December 16, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces detained overnight and Tuesday evening a total of 20 Palestinians, including at least five people who were physically assaulted, from West Bank districts, said security sources and detainees’ families.

Israeli forces detained 11 Palestinians from Ramallah district, five from Hebron, two from Nablus, and two others from from Tulkarem and Jenin.

In the central West Bank district of Ramallah, forces raided al-Lubban al-Gharbi village, northwest of Ramallah, where they proceeded to detain four Palestinians after breaking into and ransacking their houses.

 Four more Palestinians were detained as forces raided Ramallah city and Qalandiya refugee camp.

The detainees were identified as Muhammad Radi, Mus‘ab Samhan, Khalil Khalil, Saif Daghlas, Muhammad Abu Latifa, Rabi‘ Hamad, Muslim al-Barghuthi and Ihab Naser.

This came several hours after Israeli troops physically assaulted and detained three Palestinian brothers at a military checkpoint at the western entrance of Silwad town, east of Ramallah.

WAFA reported witnesses as saying that troops stationed at the checkpoint opened fire at the car carrying the three brothers, causing damage to the car’s body.

The three brothers identified as Ibrahim, 30, Mustafa, 24, and Mahmoud Hamed, 20, were then ordered out of the car, beaten up and detained.

WAFA also reported witnesses as saying that troops beat up Ibrahim on the head and dragged him under the military vehicle.

Troops also beat up and briefly detained another Palestinian identified as Omar Hammad, 24, at the checkpoint.

In the southern West Bank district of Hebron, troops detained five Palestinians during predawn raids across the district.

Two Palestinians were detained as troops broke into and ransacked their houses in Hebron city. They were identified as Tha’er al-Fakhuri, who works as a journalist, and Saubhi al-Qawasmi.

Troops detained another Palestinian identified as Adham al-Tarada after storming his house in Taffuh town, west of the city.

During the predawn raid, troops broke into and ransacked two houses belonging to the families of ‘Abdul-Mohsin Hassouna, a Palestinian who was shot dead by Israeli police, and Muhammad al-Tarada, a detainee incarcerated in Israeli jails.

Hassouna was shot dead by Israeli police after he rammed his car into at a Jerusalem bus station, injuring eight Israelis on Monday afternoon.

Troops also detained another Palestinian identified as Youssef al-Birawi, 16, after beating him up and ransacking his family’s house during a predawn raid into Bani Na‘im town, east of the city.

Another Palestinian identified as Islam Abu Farda was detained as troops raided al-Samou‘ town, south of the city.

Troops also stormed and tampered with the contents of the family house of ‘Issa al-Hroub in the Hebron town of Sa‘ir.

Al-Hroub, 55, was shot dead five days ago near Hebron after he allegedly attempted to ram his car into Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint.

Meanwhile in the northern West Bank district of Nablus, troops detained two Palestinians during predawn raids into the district.

Troops detained Mahmoud ‘Asida, 24, as they raided Tell, south of the city.

Furthermore, Muhammad al-Nadi, 25, was detained as troops raided ‘Askar refugee camp.

In the meantime in Tulkarem in the northern West Bank, Israeli forces detained a Palestinian identified as Muhammad Khamis, 25, after storming his family’s house.

WAFA reported on Muhammad’s father, Bilal, as saying that during the raid, troops seized a number of computers and laptops from the family house and stormed Dar al-Hikma bookshop and seized its surveillance cameras.

In the northern West Bank district of Jenin, forces detained a Palestinian after storming and wreaking havoc into his house in Jenin refugee camp.

The detainee was identified as Ramzi al-Hindi, 21.