Israeli Forces Detain 27 Palestinians from West Bank

NABLUS, November 17, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces detained overnight and Monday evening 27 Palestinians, including at least four minors, from West Bank districts, said the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC), and local and security sources.

Israeli forces detained 11 Palestinians in Nablus district, seven from Hebron, four from Jerusalem, two others from Ramallah, in addition to two more from Jenin and another from Tulkarem.

Israeli forces raided the northern West Bank city of Nablus, where they proceeded to detain seven Palestinians after breaking into and ransacking their houses.

The detainees were identified as Mu‘tasem Qarada, Naser and ‘Ammar Ad-Darduk, Jihad Ad-Damuni, Mohammad Rawajba, Eyad Mansour and ‘Ali al-Hajj.

During the predawn raids, forces opened fire at Palestinian locals, hitting and injuring a 31-year-old local with a live bullet in his thigh.

Forces stationed at a military checkpoint at the entrance of Beit Furik village, southeast of Nablus, detained a Palestinian local identified as Ibrahim Nasasra.

Furthermore, forces stationed at Salem military checkpoint, northwest of Jenin, detained a Palestinian identified as Shawkat Naser, whereas another local identified as Ahmad Mubaraka was detained at Huwwara military checkpoint, south of the city.

Another Palestinian was detained by forces while he was on a bypass road near Zawata village, north of Nablus. The detainee was identified as ‘Abdul-Salam ‘Issa.

In the meantime, forces also stormed Rujeib and Qaryut villages, south of the city, where they raided and searched several houses. However, no further arrests were made.

Some of the homeowners whose houses were stormed and ransacked were identified as ‘Abdul-Rahman ‘Ilayyan, a detainee from ‘Askar refugee camp, Rasem Khattab, a detainee, and ‘Amid Dweikat, a journalist from Rujeib.

Meanwhile in Hebron district, forces raided Surif town, north of the city, where they detained three Palestinians, including a woman and a minor.

Forces reportedly fired rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas canisters at locals’ houses, causing dozens to suffocate.

WAFA correspondent reported on Mayor of Surif, Muhammad Lafi, as saying that Israeli forces intentionally cut off the electricity supply to the village shortly before the raid and fired tear gas canisters inside locals’ houses, causing dozens to suffocate, especially children.

Lafi also reported that forces stormed and ransacked a house belonging to Ahmad al-Qadi, where they blew up the doors, wreaked havoc inside, destroyed the floor tiles and seized a sum of NIS 65,000 ($16,750).

During the raid, forces detained three Palestinians identified as Amira, 44, and Mahmoud Hmaidat, 24, and Omar al-Hur, 17.

Furthermore, forces detained a Palestinian after breaking into and ransacking his family’s house in a Hebron neighborhood. The detainee was identified as Jehad al-Jamal.

Forces also detained Muhannad Masalma, 30 during a raid into Beit ‘Awwa town, south of the city.

Two more Palestinians were detained as forces raided Dura town, south of the city. The detainees were identified as Maher al-Sharha, and his brother, Shaher.

Meanwhile in East Jerusalem, undercover Israeli forces, dressed as Palestinians, Tuesday morning broke into the Silwan neighborhood of Ras al-‘Amud while students were heading to schools.

Forces suddenly fired indiscriminate live ammunition in the air before proceeding to attack and detain three students who remained unidentified.

Another student was detained as forces raided the Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal Az-Zeitoun. The student was identified as Ahmad Abu Sbeitan.

Meanwhile in Ramallah’s Ein ‘Arik village, forces detained two Palestinians  identified as Mahmoud Hammad, 21, and Baha’ Khalil, 20.

In the meantime in the northern West Bank district of Jenin, forces raided Zububa village, northwest of the city, where they detained Kmael Jaradat, 20, from the vicinity of his house.

Another Palestinian was detained as forces broke into and ransacked his house in Qabatia town, south of the city.

The detainee was identified as Ibrahim Kmail, 35.

Meanwhile, forces detained Muhammad Zaghloul, 19, as they stormed the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem.