Israeli Forces Detain 47 Palestinians in West Bank Predawn Detention Raids

HEBRON, October 7, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces overnight carried out several predawn detention raids across the West Bank, detaining at least 47 Palestinians, including at least nine children.

Israeli forces carried out predawn detention raids mostly in Hebron, Jerusalem, Nabus, Jenin and Qalqilya districts, breaking into and ransacking Palestinian families’ homes, physically assaulting, threatening and forcing unguarded families outdoors for several hours and spreading panic among children.

Israeli forces detained 27 Palestinians, including seven children, from Hebron, seven others from Jerusalem, five others from Nablus and six others from Jenin.

During the Hebron raids, forces reportedly handed parents notices threatening them for the alleged stone throwing carried out by their children on Israeli armed forces and vehicles. Israeli soldiers raided the Old City of Hebron, broke into and ransacked several houses before detaining five Palestinians, including three children.

The detainees were identified as Amir Abu Rumouz, 12, Uday al-‘Ajlouni, 13, Nasrallah Abu Senina, 18, and his brother Yasser, 21, and Mohammad al-Atrash, 11, according to WAFA correspondent.

Another Palestinian was detained during a predawn raid that targeted al-Fawwar refugee camp. The detainee was identified as Ahmad Husniya, 21.

Three more Palestinians, including a child, were detained by Israeli forces during a raid into al-‘Arrub refugee camp. The detainees were identified as ‘Anan al-Kawamla, Yousef al-Titi, 19, and his 13-yesr-old brother Nasim.

Further to the south, seven more Palestinians were detained by Israeli forces in the town of Halhul. Five of the detainees were identified as  Mohammad al-Barbarawi, 23, Samer Az-Zama‘ra, 23, ‘Uday Qawasmah, Mohammad ‘Aqil and Samer Madiya.

One more Palestinian was detained from Dura town, southwest of Hebron. The detainee was identified as 17-year-old Mu‘atasim Sharawna. According to local media reports one more Palestinian identified as Munthir Quteina, 21, was detained from Dura.

In the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, Israeli forces broke into and ransacked several houses and handed homeowners orders warning them against the alleged hurling of stones and Molotov cocktails on Israeli vehicles travelling along the nearby Bypass Road 60, a spokesman of a local anti-wall and settlement committee, Mohammad ‘Awad, told WAFA.

During the raid, forces detained seven Palestinians identified as Muhannad al-‘Awadi, 26, ‘Uday Ihsan, 16, Ziad Bahar, 36, Basil Abu Hashim, 21, ‘Alaa Sleibi, 26, Yousif Abu Hashim, 22 and Mohammad al-‘Alami, 21.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem, Israeli police detained at least six Palestinians, including a child, during predawn raids into the Jerusalem’s towns of al-‘Issawiya and Sur Baher. Israeli police raided al-‘Issawiya and detained five Palestinians, including a child, after breaking into their families’ houses.

The detainees were identified as Ahmad ‘Attiya, Rami ‘Ubaid, Qusai Dari, Mahmoud Mustafa and Diaa’ Jarrah, a child. One more young Palestinian man was detained from Sur Bahir, south of the city. He was identified as Khaled Jadallah.

Furthermore, police also raided the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras Khamis, adjacent to Shu‘fat refugee camp, searching for “wanted” Palestinians. No detentions were reported. Police also raided the Jerusalem neighborhood of the African Community neighborhood, adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque complex, following violent clashes.

Meanwhile in Nablus district, Israeli forces broke into and searched several houses in predawn raids across the district and detained at least five Palestinians.

Israeli soldiers raided Nablus city, where they broke into and took measures of two apartments belonging to the families of two detainees and interrogated the homeowners. The two apartments belong to Yahya Hamad and Karam al-Masri.

A Palestinian was reportedly detained during the raid into Nablus. He was identified as Ibrahim Ash-Shunnar. Three more Palestinians were detained as Israeli forces raided al-Luban ash-Sharqiya, south of the city. The detainees were identified as ‘Ubaida, 19, Mustafa, 22, and Mousa Uwais, 27, who are cousins.

One more Palestinian was detained by Israeli forces stationed on Za‘tara military checkpoint. The detainee was identified as Hussein Ma‘rouf, from Zawata village, north of the city.

Six Palestinians were detained by Israeli soldiers stationed on al-Jalama military checkpoint, northeast of Jenin. The six who were not identified, were detained as Israeli forces proceeded to suppress a peaceful demonstration in support of Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound. One detainee was identified as Ra’ed al-Jundi.

Meanwhile, Head of the Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Committee ‘Issa Qaraqe‘said over 150 Palestinians, mostly young man and children, have been detained by Israeli forces since October 4.


He noted that a number of detainees were injured and hit by rubber-coated steel bullets and grenades fired by Israeli forces during clashes across the West Bank districts.