Israeli Forces Detain Five Palestinians from Hebron, Jerusalem Districts

HEBRON, August 18, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces detained early Tuesday five Palestinians from Hebron and Jerusalem districts, said security sources.

Undercover Israeli units raided a local bakery known as Ghaith Bakery on Ein Sarah Street in central Hebron in the southern West Bank, where they detained a Palestinian identified as Othman al-Ja‘bari.

The same units detained another Palestinian from Ash-Shuhada Street in central Hebron. The detainee was identified as Wael al-Mashni, 40, from the Hebron town of Ash-Shuyukh, a town to the northeast of the city.

Israeli soliders raided Halhul, a town to the north of the city, where they detained two Palestinians after breaking into and ransacking their homes. The detainees were identified as Mahmoud Hijazi and Muhammad Abu Rayyan.

Israeli soldiers also raided several other Hebron neighborhoods and set up checkpoints at the entrances of Sa‘ir and Halhul as well as the northern entrance of the city, where they stopped and examined Palestinian registered vehicles and inspected passengers’ identification cards.

Meanwhile to the east of Jerusalem, Israeli forces stationed at the Qalandiya military checkpoint stopped and detained a Palestinian young man. The man, whose identity remains unknown, was detained after being brutally assaulted by Israeli soldiers.