Israeli Forces Detain Five Palestinians from West Bank Districts

NABLUS, June 29, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Monday detained five Palestinians, including a minor, from various West banks districts, said security sources.

Israeli forces raided Tal, a village to the south of Nablus, where they proceeded to detain two young Palestinians after breaking into and ransacking their homes.

The detainees were identified as Ahmad Ramadan, 22, and Nabil Abu ‘Asida, 19.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem, Israeli police stationed at a military checkpoint at the entrance of Shu‘fat detained a Palestinian minor.

Police claimed in a press statement that the 15-year-old minor, who remains unidentified until the moment, was detained for allegedly possessing a firearm.

This came as a group of Israeli Jewish settlers broke into al-Aqsa Mosque compound, provoking worshipers at the Islamic holy site.

There were no reports of violence during the provocative visit, but worshipers chanted religious slogans in defiance of the settlers, whose similar visits in the past sparked rounds of confrontations between worshipers and police members.

Meanwhile in the Jenin district, Israeli forces raided Burqin town to the west of the city, where they detained a Palestinian resident after breaking into and ransacking his home.

The detainee was identified as Mahmoud ‘Ubaidi, 33, an ex-detainee who had been detained for nine years in Israeli detention centers. During the raid, forces confiscated a laptop belonging to ‘Ubaidi.

Meanwhile in Hebron district, forces detained a young Palestinian man after breaking into his home in the Hebron city neighborhood of Ras al-Jora. The detainee was identified as Ahmad al-Junidi, 20.