Israeli Forces Detain Four Palestinians from West Bank Districts

BETHLEHEM, January 27, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Tuesday raided towns and cities in the West Bank and detained four Palestinians from the West Bank districts, said security sources.

Israeli forces raided the Bethlehem neighborhoods of al-Fawaghra and As-Saf, and arrested Sufyan Sabarna, 20, and Mu‘in Masalma, 18, after breaking into and ransacking their families’ homes.

A group of settlers broke into Palestinians farmlands in Freidis to the east of the Bethlehem, aiming to prevent Palestinian farmers from tending to their crops.

Meanwhile in Ramallah, forces raided Beit Rima to the northwest of the city, where they violently broke into and ransacked a local house, spreading panic among the homeowner’s family.

A Palestinian young man was detained during the raid. He was identified as Nidal al-Rimawi, 25.

Nidal’s father, Hazem, said an Israeli army unit broke into his family’s three-storey house around 2am and climbed to the third floor, housing Nidal’s family.

Soldiers locked the entire family in a room before ransacking and tampering with the house contents, destroying wardrobes and tearing mattresses and seats.

This was the second time soldiers broke into al-Rimawi’s family within the last few months. During the first time, soldiers brutally assaulted Nidal’s brother, Yaqoub, who was detained for ten years in an Israeli prison, causing him to faint. He was left in nearby olive orchards.

Meanwhile in Hebron district, forces stationed near the Ibrahimi Mosque, also known as Caves of the Patriarch, stopped and detained a Palestinian minor in the Old City. The minor was identified as Sameh al-Natsha, 17.

Forces raided several Hebron neighborhoods as well as al-Samou‘ and Dura towns, set up roadblocks at the entrances of both Sa‘ir and Halhul and the northern entrance of Hebron, where they stopped and inspected vehicles with Palestinian registration plates and examined passengers’ ID cards, causing them delay.

Meanwhile in Jenin district, forces raided Deir Abu Da‘if, where they broke into a local house and interrogated its owners. The house owner was identified as Othman Yasin.

They also raided Ya‘bad, al-Zababda, Maslya, Jalqamous, al-Maghayir and Um at-Tut, launching a large-scale arrest and search campain (operation). No arrests were reported.